The Big Assessment

Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Blog | Comments Off on The Big Assessment

Admit it – you need a professional’s help, sometimes (especially in Boulder, CO). A kitchen organizational assessment and strategy can be just the starting point you need. It’s really not too painful…some talking, some peeking into cabinets, some more talking about what you would like to change, add or replace…and then, ta-da – you get a written up strategy and ideas for change. Not to mention, a few immediate fixes right away, which will leave you motivated to want to fix the rest. Or hire me to do the hard work for you.


This is an opportunity for your kitchen to hum with organization, efficiency, and customized strategy. We integrate numerous data points including family members, cooking habits, health goals, and space utilization to create a kitchen plan that allows you to feel joyful and inspired without having to remodel!


Don’t forget – I can help you with the “heavy lifting” of figuring out what stays, what goes, what is useful, what is taking up too much space and make your kitchen the best room in the house! Watch my video In Home Kitchen Assessment & Action Plan to learn more about it.