Just Get a Rack…or Two!

Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Blog | Comments Off on Just Get a Rack…or Two!

Racks come in all different shapes, styles and colors. No, please get your mind out of the gutter. I am talking about racks for your kitchen! Whether you have a small or large kitchen, racks can be a great way to de-clutter and get your kitchen in order.

Racks are great for hanging pots and pans over the sink or island. This allows for easy access, easy reaching and frees up your cabinet spaces. More modern approaches put the rack behind the sink or along a longer wall if you happen to have shorter people in your family. They can often bring the center of room into a focal point for entertaining. In addition, another great space saving tip is the magnetic knife rack against the wall to create a chef’s kitchen. I personally like knives that are put away and can’t be accesses easily by children, but a magnetic knife rack is extremely convenient and easy.

Yet more racks include spice racks, tea racks, and my favorite rack…drum roll… wine glass racks. The glass rack puts some pizazz into your kitchen, giving it a restaurant or bar feel. There are so many different textures to compliment your kitchen too…wood gives it warmth, wrought iron gives it that Parisan feel, brass gives it the Irish pub look and chain links give it that industrial look. So many options!

There are even more “off the wall” ideas with plate racks for the collectors and towel racks for everyone.  That brings me to a very fun idea – napkin racks. This is for the inner artist or someone who likes fabrics and colors. The Napkin Rack – essentially this is rack to display and use your cloth napkins, and usually works best with different textures and colors. The benefit is that it cleans out your napkin drawer for other uses and allows for easy access to earth-friendly washable napkins. You can even use a piece of twine, as well as a bar, to display those gorgeous napkins.

Spruce your kitchen space up with racks! Once you get a rack, you won’t turn back.