Lazy Susans Make Your World Go Round

Posted by on May 7, 2012 in Blog | Comments Off on Lazy Susans Make Your World Go Round

Lazy SusansLazy Susans are really not for the lazy-minded folks, but for the people who strive for organization. These amazing inventions are for people to want to keep various areas in their kitchen nice and tidy, as well as give the gift of making things easy to reach. Did you ever take a sociology class – the study of groups and organization of people? Think about the sociology of your kitchen and grouping your utensils together, or your spices, cereals, and even dishes and cups. Lazy Susans can help you achieve harmonious sociology in the kitchen.

One misconception of the Lazy Susan is that they are only for your kitchen table or large tables at Chinese restaurants. Wrong! These devices can be used in your refrigerator for condiments, in cabinets, for your spice shelf, as a centerpiece, for olive oils and vinegars, and on your countertops. And, they even come in all different styles, shapes, sizes and textures. Lazy Susans embrace the concept of easy communal sharing, which is what a kitchen is all about – feeding and nourishing yourself and your family.