Clutter Affects Individuals and Couples Differently

Posted by on Jul 7, 2012 in Blog | Comments Off on Clutter Affects Individuals and Couples Differently

My purpose in life is helping people turn their chaos into order within their homes.

Many of my clients usually share with me the difficult emotions that they experience from their lack of organization. While working with an individual versus working within a couple, there appears to be a very different range of emotions that come to the surface.

With the individual client, they typically express feelings of embarrassment, being overwhelmed, confusion, shame, and hopelessness. When working with one person on their clutter and creating the space that makes them feel on top of their game in life, we uncover some of those emotions and try to instill some new habits of thought, but also some new habits in life. It’s really a thrilling process to behold, as they have their own “Ah-ha” moments of their patterns around disorganization and clutter.

However, when I’m called to work within a married household, where the couple have very different definitions and interpretations of organization, I find that their emotions often include anger, frustration, defensiveness, disrespect, blame and communication problems. Both groups can face the same type of mess or disorganization, but there is definitely a different dynamic when working with a couple vs. an individual.

You’ll find hiring a Professional Organizer a very beneficial investment when you begin to recognize that your home is debilitating you in a variety of ways. This could be avoiding inviting people over, the realization that you are not dealing with the piles or clutter, eating out all the time or experiencing depleted life energy all the time.

For individuals, the benefits of hiring a professional organizer can change your life. Most importantly, there’s no judgment. We offer proven strategies that will help ensure your home stays organized. My mission is to support and ensure completion of the project where so many of my clients share that they tried to do it themselves but got sidetracked, lost down memory lane, or just overwhelmed to the point of abandoning the project.  I try to make this process as fun and enjoyable as possible and celebrate all the successes along the way.

For couples, the benefits of having a professional organizer can also transform your life and home. There is an objective third party who has no interest in taking sides. There might be some rooms where individuals work on their own problem areas and learn how to focus directly on their own patterns of clutter or disorganization rather than focusing on their partner’s issues. I support the couple in creating  a solution based attitude versus blaming the other person.

Whether you’re an individual looking for help or a couple who cannot live peaceably together in chaos, I can help you overcome your challenges in an objective way – either once or on an ongoing basis to fit your needs.

Close your eyes and dream of an orderly, organized and beautiful home – dreams can come true.