Creative Holiday Entertaining

Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Blog | Comments Off on Creative Holiday Entertaining

The holidays come and go…and they are rapidly approaching. It’s not even Halloween, and there are no Thanksgiving decorations in sight. Bypass that traditional holiday and let’s start with getting ready for the Big C. Gasp! Sigh! Wait – guests are coming over before the Big C!

For your kitchen, kids and guests, it is always fun to add a little “drama” into entertaining. It’s been a rough few years economically for most of the country, so here are a few inexpensive things to add some spice to your dinner party.

1. Whether you use cloth or paper napkins, roll them up and tie them up like a present with ribbons (curling the ends is even more impressive). Use colors like Orange for Thanksgiving meals, Black for Halloween snacks, Red for Valentine’s Day, Blue for Hannukah and of course, Red and Green for Christmas.

2. Create an “interesting” centerpiece. This should be done watching TV, relaxing or while you are waiting for your dinner to come out of the oven. Some ideas: fill a clear vase with corks, lemons, limes, oranges, glittery glass stones, candy canes, bouncy balls or party favors. Build a “castle” with dominos and have a black and white themed table setting. Use what you have. Put a mismatch collection of candles for ambiance – not everything has to match. Use a blender as a vase and fill it up with flowers – fun, right?

3. Have some fun with using different sets of dishes, glasses or placemats if you have an odd, off or large number of people. If every other person as a different colored plate, it makes it fun for seating arrangements: gentlemen sit at the cream plates and ladies sit at the blue plates.

The bottom line: use what you have and be creative.