Weight Loss and Health

Weight Loss and Health

“It’s amazing the level of self care and creativity that arises from organization. My mind is now quiet when I walk in my decluttered and organized kitchen, and from that place I want to cook beautiful nourishing food for myself and my kids.” 

~K. Spear

 Do You Feel:
  • your kitchen supports or sabotages your health goals?
  • your kitchen clutter is blocking your desire and inspiration to cook?
  • frustrated as you prepare for the archaeological dig in search of your Salad Spinner?

As you begin a new healthy relationship with food, I invite you to create a new
relationship with your kitchen.


A new relationship that:
  • encourages your goals with efficient organization of your entire kitchen
  • inspires self-love and nurturing as you lose weight and ultimately maintain your health
  • makes cooking healthy meals easy, quick, and enjoyable
  • supports meal planning easily due to an organized pantry
  • no longer generates frustration while digging for ingredients or cookware
  • You’ll save money and time in a multitude of ways

Hire The Joy of Kitchen and you’ll receive:
  • personalized organizing strategies with healthy cooking being the focus
  • years of expertise and up-to-date product knowledge that creates efficient kitchens
  • professional guidance throughout the reorganizing process, keeping you focused; ensuring completion

Let us help you nourish your relationship with your kitchen with our proven remedies.