Can you be Organized and Efficient?

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I love to cook. So this question of organization and efficiency is sometimes difficult to achieve. I have a relatively small kitchen and lots of equipment, so my cabinet where I keep my pans is a little crowded. The drawer under the oven is over-crowded, but that’s where the baking dishes are “supposed” to fit. That’s the place where it logically makes sense in an organized fashion. And, it looks better the way it is supposed to be. The problem with this organizational plan is that I use my baking dishes all the time, so where they are supposed to go doesn’t work for me. How do we...

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Creative Holiday Entertaining

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The holidays come and go…and they are rapidly approaching. It’s not even Halloween, and there are no Thanksgiving decorations in sight. Bypass that traditional holiday and let’s start with getting ready for the Big C. Gasp! Sigh! Wait – guests are coming over before the Big C! For your kitchen, kids and guests, it is always fun to add a little “drama” into entertaining. It’s been a rough few years economically for most of the country, so here are a few inexpensive things to add some spice to your dinner party. 1. Whether you use cloth or paper napkins, roll them up and tie...

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