Happy Clients

I used to love to cook however, in this kitchen I’ve been so uninspired.  I get in and out as fast as I can because I just don’t feel any creative energy. The space feels non functional and cramped which makes me feel frustrated. Chaos happens on the counters every day because there’s no place to put things.  I know I’m not feeding myself or my kids as nutritionally as I know how and want to.  I have full blown kitchen apathy which makes me want to tattoo the number for restaurant runners on my arm!

I claimed my kitchen and it felt like an investment in my sanity.

Colette works with efficiency and humor and insisted on including me in the process which in the end gave me ownership to my new kitchen.  We pulled everything out of the cabinets and put back and organized ONLY what was meaningful and useful to me.  It’s empowering for me when I walk in and know where everything lives, even cleaning the kitchen is more satisfying when everything has a place.

Literally 10 minutes after Colette finished the kitchen I was pulling out my pressure cooker and making things I hadn’t cooked in a year!  My kids wanted to bake too – we made a beautiful meal and a pie and cleaned it all up together with pure pleasure.

Its amazing the level of self care and creativity that arises from organization. My mind is now quiet when I walk in my decluttered and organized kitchen, and from that place I want to cook beautiful nourishing food for myself and my kids.

Now that I really understand the depth of her work I’m inspired to lift the organization of my whole house to the level of my kitchen!

Kate Spear


I thought my kitchen was pretty well organized and would only need minor changes but when Colette started asking questions, I realized that there were a ton of little things about that room that didn’t work and that sucked my energy in small ways everyday. Colette was committed to my kitchen being as efficient, beautiful, and simple to use as possible! She’s great at finding spaces I didn’t even know I had and not just organizing them well, but making sure they FEEL good to me so that I’ll be excited about every nook and cranny as opposed to avoiding certain cabinets (tupperware piles, ugh!). Even with minor changes, it’s like I have a whole new kitchen! And I purged SO much un-needed stuff and she just took it away with her! I can’t recommend her services highly enough! 🙂

I love my kitchen now!

Lara Irwin


Before I hired Colette and Room To Room, spending time in my kitchen was pretty low on my list of “things I enjoy”. The lack of any kind of system for my family to follow left me consistently searching for things, pawing through overflowing Tupperware heaps to, hopefully, find a matching top, and throwing away embarrassing amounts of spoiled food from the hodge podge that was my refrigerator.

Now, 3 months after my kitchen makeover, I have new efficient systems that make it easy for everyone to find what they need and put things away.  Everything has a home that is easy to remember because it makes sense. I’m cooking more, nagging less, and, best of all, feeling relaxed and at ease managing everything required to feed a family. I really can’t say enough about how this change has helped me feel lighter and more productive. It was worth every penny and more.

Christine Porta
Mom and Entrepenuer



We are thoroughly enjoying the serenity and order of our kitchen and I’m actually looking forward to entertaining 15+ people in the coming week without a slightest tremor in my knees.

Prior to our endeavor of thorough organization with you, I made attempts on the weekends to go
through one cabinet or another, cleaning and sorting things out, but my effort was lacking the strategy and thus I felt like very little progress was made, if any…

First, you were able to look at our needs and hopes with the kitchen and  you nailed the biggest problem areas and patterns that prevent us from having an awesome time cooking and entertaining.

Second, with your vision, determination, as well as mental and physical stamina you were able to take the 1000 piece puzzle, that our kitchen is, and find harmony, logic and a
place for every object in it.

Third, you have compassion and recognition of the fact that this process is a BIG deal; to change
around someones kitchen space really does create a lot of emotion. That alone gives me comfort and trust that any pack-rat friend of mine, referred to you, will receive a gentle and
compassionate treatment with great results.

Thank you, Thank you, Colette!

Eugenia Kreider


“Colette helped me in very practical ways to efficiently organize and de-clutter my kitchen in my new home.  In addition, she has a way of enabling the process in a very open, cooperative and compassionate way.  We tend to have very personal “attachments” to our stuff.  I found it helpful to have a guide in exploring what I really “need” to keep.  Thanks Colette.”

Bettsee Gotwald



Before hiring The Joy of Kitchen, I had everything I needed, yet with a limited sense of organization.

Colette helped me:

decide what I really didn’t need
purge duplicates and items I wasn’t using
relocate occasionally-used items to basement storage
and put at my fingertips, items I use daily

At the end of our session, she took everything I had purged to my favorite charity, The Boulder Humane Society, and brought me back a receipt for taxes the next day.

I’m really enjoying how user-friendly the new layout is and what a pleasure it is to work in my kitchen.

Stephanie Bryan, LCSW, CAC III



Colette came in like a whirlwind-rockstar-organizing-machine, and knew exactly what questions to ask, how to strategize my answers, and what suggestions to make; leaving me with a completely transformed space! I consider myself an organized person, so I had hesitations about outsourcing for this kind of support, but I must say, Colette brings a radically different level of expertise and perspective than I could have ever mustered, she’s completely in her element. Now, being in my kitchen is filled with ease, joy, and my favorite: efficiency! If i can help it, I’ll never set up a kitchen again without her guidance.

Hannah Williams